Why Call of Duty Elite Could Be a Terrible Idea

For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting emails from Call of Duty, advertising their latest creation: Call of Duty Elite. After a quick skim, I realized they were asking for a subscription to a new service they created for their games that helps people “connect, compete and improve.”

There are lots of benefits to the subscription (which is $50 a year) including a website filled with stats and player videos, early views of map layouts, improved gun attachments, and even a “Level Calculator” which tells you how long you’ll need to play to reach the next level. Also, Call of Duty will be releasing 20 maps over the span of 9 months for Modern Warfare 3, and Elite members will not have to pay any extra for them.

Whose more likely to pay for the subscription: someone who plays 2 hours a night or someone who plays only on weekends? And who is more likely to be better at the game? Yes, these are huge assumptions but I think they are reasonable ones.

So from a Call of Duty addict’s perspective, I’m sure this program seems like an amazing idea. Even if you aren’t sitting in front of your TV playing the game, there are mobile apps and internet sites for Elite members that would still fulfill that desire to COD it up. But the problem is for the rest of the players: the casual fans who play for fun, those who don’t want to pay extra money after spending $70 on the game.

Those who don’t subscribe are going to be at a severe disadvantage. They won’t know maps when they get released, while the players on the other team will know the map inside and out. Elite also connects members with the same skill level and encourages the formation of clans. Also, the Elite members will have potentially better attachments (Modern Warfare 3 has not released a complete list of gun attachments and perks) and have a leg up on the non-Elite.

Add these all together and here’s a potential situation: I fire up my Playstation, absolutely jacked up to play the new map packs. I get into a Team Deathmatch and see that I’m taking on a clan while I’m with a bunch of random guys. This could happen in any Call of Duty game before but here’s where it gets different: the match begins and I have no idea where to go. I turn a corner and I die right away because someone is camping there, knowing someone will have to turn that corner. The camper has already seen the maps and learned the layouts. The rest of my team is in the same boat, totally new to the map, while the clan is hanging out, potentially camping the spawns, with their tricked out guns.

See how this could be frustrating? Call of Duty is a difficult game as it is. Why put those who are already skilled at the game at an advantage?

Agree/Disagree? Sound off below.

Wall Street Journal also did a video explaining the features of Elite.

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Floyd Mayweather’s Cheap Shot

Last night, boxing had one of it’s biggest fights in recent memory. Floyd Mayweather was taking on Victor Ortiz, and Twitter was buzzing about this fight, with tweets like #MoneyTeam or #TeamOrtiz appearing on timelines all day.

I fell for the hype and found a stream to watch the match last night and I was not disappointed. I’m sure boxing purists were disappointed but for people who were watching for entertainment purposes, this fight is one to remember.

After a headbutt from Ortiz, the ref momentarily stopped the fight. Ortiz apologized, the boxers slapped gloves, and the fight was back on. For a couple of seconds.

Watch the video and comment below, fair or foul?

“That’s all she wrote.”

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MW3 – My Thoughts

There has been a lot of talk, in blogs as well as youtube, about the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise and yes, I am talking about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I have been hearing dozens upon dozens of rumours about: maps, the prestige system, perks, guns and ‘proficiencies’ that will be appearing in MW3. Some of these rumours have been confirmed, while others have either been denied or Infinity Ward hasn’t revealed specific details about the rumours in question. Today I just want to discuss my thoughts, thus far, about MW3, what I’d like to see and what I expect the ‘communities’ reaction to be about the game.

From what I have seen and heard, the game seems to be a beefed up version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The graphics seem, well, rather similar to those of MW2. As far as I know, they used the same game enginefor this game as they have for the past few Call of Duty games. Robert Bowling said on Twitter that: “…In Multiplayer, its all about you and your gun, plus explosives have been lowered in damage and new anti-explosive equipment added.” Personally, I don’t mind n00b tubes, rocket launchers and all of those other explosive weapons… many people seem to have an issue with it, but if it wasn’t for those select few people that use those weapons, the game would not be nearly as fun, or as difficult, at times. Sure, it CAN get annoying, but if there were no rifle mounted grenade launchers the game would be much less fun, difficult and it would biased towards those players that excel while using SMG’s, Assault Rifles, etc. People need to understand that although the “PLAYERS” want a game that is a perfect game, they will never get it. The more you take away stuff, the more you alter the game in a MAJOR way. If you take away the grenade launchers, there will always be another thing to complain about, soon, there will be NOTHING left in the game… We’ll all just run around with knives.

I’ve seen a couple of videos regarding the create a class set-up, weapons, prestige, death streaks, kill streaks and much more. Here are a couple of videos discussing a few things regarding those previously stated topics:

Now, those are just a few videos that I’ve watched recently, but I’m sure if you searched on youtube you’d be able to find many, many more about MW3.

It is rumoured that you will have to reach level 80 before you can prestige and that there are 15 prestiges. I don’t know about you, but I HATE prestiging. The only CoD game I have done it on, legitimately, is Call of Duty 4. Personally, I think it is a huge waste of time and it really isn’t worth it, but hey, if you like to prestige and lose all of your weapons, attachments and so on, then by all means… keep on keepin’ on. As far as the weapons side of things go, I’m excited to see the return of the CoD 4 style MP5 and G36C [Robert Bowling confirmed this in a tweet: “…Not all of them, but I’ve confirmed the COD4 style MP5 and G36c make a return (as seen in the Spec Ops video)”]. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, was THE BEST CoD game produced and to see two of my favourite guns come back is quite awesome. Regarding the power of certain weapons, I’m not too sure what it’s going to be like. Obviously there will be an overpowered SMG and Assault Rifle, as usual, but as far as which guns will be overpowered, I’m unaware. I’d like to see a rather even damage count, but we all know that won’t happen. Killstreaks to me aren’t that big of a deal, although I do prefer the CoD 4 style 3, 5 and 7 killstreak layout, but obviously that won’t be making a return in MW3. Some killstreaks seem to be rather overpowered, let’s hope that we don’t get another MW2 style chopper gunner aka Spawn Raper 2010… The way I feel about deathstreaks is the same way I feel about killstreaks, I don’t give a shit. I just like playing the game, the killstreaks and deathstreaks aren’t something that I really bother with.

I think that the majority of people that play this game will “LOVE” it when it first comes out, but after a couple of months (more likely weeks) complaint, after complaint, after complaint will begin to happen… It will essentially be the same thing that happened after the release of both MW2 and Black Ops. I don’t know about you guys, but I am really looking forward to this game and I will most likely like/love it. I don’t hate any CoD game, but I do have favourites (CoD4 being my personal favourite).

Leave a comment below with stuff that you have heard, questions you have, or just general discussion.

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Watch the Throne – Two Legends of Hip-Hop Collaborate

I know this is a little overdue, but I have a legitimate excuse… seriously, I do. I was at a cottage for about a week and have been working since I got back, but don’t complain, HERE IT IS!

So if you don’t know already, which if you didn’t know, would lead me to ask: “HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT KNOW!?,” Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborated together to form ‘Watch the Throne’. Now, before anyone else says it, I’ll be the first to say it… the CD is pretty much them talking about their luxuries and the finer things in life. Although that is primarily true, you can’t base a song (or a CD for that matter) just by what you hear, you always have to find the deeper meaning. Look past the comparisons to God and calling themselves Kings. Personally, I think this CD has a lot more to it then what you would assume. The fact is that the two Hip-Hop legends really do have a strong meaning to their songs and the lyrics that form those songs. They draw attention to many issues in today’s society, like in “Murder to Excellence”, Jay-Z compares the murder rate in Chicago to that of Iraq and the chorus of the song draws attention to the black-on-black crime that continues to happen “The paper read murder / black-on-black murder”. That’s just two examples, but if you really listen to the songs you will find a deeper meaning. Jay and Kanye are trying to figure out what’s happening in urban communities and why it seems that violence never stops. I’ve only picked a few of the things out that I could think of off the top of my head, but I know there is many more things that are drawn to the listeners attention.

I’ve been a Jay-Z fan for as long as I can remember and I’ve been a ‘Ye fan since I was a young boy downloading the shittiest bootleg quality freestyles (Luv U Better freestyle for example) from Limewire. This hasn’t been a very in-depth review, but I think I did raise some issues for discussion and thoughts about the CD itself… I know at least a few of you will go and listen to the CD again to find the deeper meaning.

Unfortunately SoundCloud has really started to put the hammer down on copyrighted material so I was unable to upload it. You can click [here] to listen(but I really mean DOWNLOAD) some (I mean all) songs.


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The State of the NBA

Fear the Beard.

Believe it or not, the NBA is coming off of one of it’s most entertaining seasons in the history of the league. We saw some crazy talented young players burst on to the professional scene and demand the attention of other teams. We saw one of the game’s most respected players destroy the game’s most despised teams. We saw some of the most unbelievable dunks from a player coming off of knee surgery.

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Lil Wayne: “It’s Good” Goes In On Jay-Z

Lil Wayne has dropped a new song today with Jada Kiss and Drake. The jam is getting a lot of hype throughout the Twitterverse tonight because of Wayne’s diss of  Jay-Z.

For a little bit on context, check out this bit from Forbes magazine about Jay-Z’s shot at Wayne on “H.A.M.”:

“…On the track…Jay-Z complains that his competitors merely fantasize about what he does on a daily basis — including, but not limited to, schmoozing with Warren Buffet and Steve Forbes. He also cites this writer’s $450 million valuation of his personal net worth, rounding up slightly to “half a billie,” before taking a shot at a fellow Hip-Hop Cash King or two: “Really, you got baby money.”

And the retaliation lyrics from Lil Wayne:

“Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money / Kidnap your bitch, Get that ‘how much you love your lady?’ money.”

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Reptar… no this isn’t ‘Rugrats’.

Reptar is a band from Athens, Georgia that, in my opinion, will soon be taking over the entire North American indie scene in a matter of months. Their sound and energy is very much like Foster The People, and look where Foster The People are now… they blew up. The success that Foster The People have gained, in a matter of half a year or so, is evidence that relatively small indie bands stand a chance at making it big. Reptar, who list’s their genre of music on myspace as afro-beat/breakcore/disco house, have a really real feel to their music. Their energy and almost raw sound is really appealing. The use of synths and samples is quite awesome. I hope you guys dig Reptar as much as I do. Enjoy.

click [here] to download

click [here] to download

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NBA 2K12 Reveals “NBA’s Greatest”

The team at 2K Sports seems to have done it again.

Because of EA Sports’ decision to wait a year before releasing a new NBA title, 2K has literally no competition for basketball video games this year, but this doesn’t seem to have stopped them. Building off of 2k11’s crazy good “Jordan Challenge” feature, 2k12 will feature a new “NBA’s Greatest” mode, where you take control of 15 of the greatest players to grace the hardwood.

The players are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan (again), Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, and Jerry West, plus, if you pre-order, the 1990-91 Warriors (!) and 2001-02 Kings. (

For die-hard hoops fans, NBA 2k12 is a must-buy. No other sports video game has ever offered the kind of respect for the history of a league like 2k has this year. A developer known as @Ronnie2k had an interesting quote from a post on the game’s Facebook page:

So far, the news of our cover and the “NBA’s Greatest” Mode has set off waves in the industry. But OBVIOSULY, the largest part of the game is the 2011-2012 NBA season and players and all the gameplay features that you have come to expect of us. But if last year proved anything, NBA fans care very much about the history of the game, and how it’s influenced the present-day game. We want to pay attention to that and we want people to compare the generations, players and teams and decide once and for all who’s better.

Also, check out this video for some highlights of all the players you can use this game.


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“I’m With You”: New Red Hot Chili Peppers Streaming on iTunes

The brand new album from RHCP is being streamed through iTunes right now. The whole album is played as if it was one song, so I cannot recommend any song titles right now.

The album sounds great, with the songs flowing seamlessly from one to the next. Rick Rubin brought his A-game again and took full advantage of Flea’s new piano talents.

During the hiatus following the Stadium Arcadium tour, Flea went to the University of South California to study music theory, and according to Anthony Kiedis, his new found knowledge paid off in the writing of the album.

You’ll notice a different sound coming from the guitar and that’s because John Frusciante decided to go his own way and fully dedicate himself to his solo work. His replacement is Josh Klinghoffer and he was not afraid to do his own thing.

The album is receiving some pretty good reviews from people around the web, with the most common complaint being the change in guitarists.

“I’m With You” will be available August 29th in the U.S. and August 30th in Canada.

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Drew League vs. Goodman League Highlights

Despite an NBA Lockout, hoops fans had an opportunity to watch some of their favourite players in action Saturday Night.

The contest featured two of the best summer leagues in the United States: the Drew League, out of Los Angeles, and the Goodman League, out of Washington DC. The game was competitive and incredibly entertaining, with alley-oops being tossed to Kevin Durant from John Wall, to hanging lay-ups from Brandon Jennings.

The Goodman League took the game 135-134, winning it with two free throws from KD. The Drew League is asking for a rematch, and after checking out the highlights, you’ll probably want one too.

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