Watch the Throne – Two Legends of Hip-Hop Collaborate

I know this is a little overdue, but I have a legitimate excuse… seriously, I do. I was at a cottage for about a week and have been working since I got back, but don’t complain, HERE IT IS!

So if you don’t know already, which if you didn’t know, would lead me to ask: “HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT KNOW!?,” Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborated together to form ‘Watch the Throne’. Now, before anyone else says it, I’ll be the first to say it… the CD is pretty much them talking about their luxuries and the finer things in life. Although that is primarily true, you can’t base a song (or a CD for that matter) just by what you hear, you always have to find the deeper meaning. Look past the comparisons to God and calling themselves Kings. Personally, I think this CD has a lot more to it then what you would assume. The fact is that the two Hip-Hop legends really do have a strong meaning to their songs and the lyrics that form those songs. They draw attention to many issues in today’s society, like in “Murder to Excellence”, Jay-Z compares the murder rate in Chicago to that of Iraq and the chorus of the song draws attention to the black-on-black crime that continues to happen “The paper read murder / black-on-black murder”. That’s just two examples, but if you really listen to the songs you will find a deeper meaning. Jay and Kanye are trying to figure out what’s happening in urban communities and why it seems that violence never stops. I’ve only picked a few of the things out that I could think of off the top of my head, but I know there is many more things that are drawn to the listeners attention.

I’ve been a Jay-Z fan for as long as I can remember and I’ve been a ‘Ye fan since I was a young boy downloading the shittiest bootleg quality freestyles (Luv U Better freestyle for example) from Limewire. This hasn’t been a very in-depth review, but I think I did raise some issues for discussion and thoughts about the CD itself… I know at least a few of you will go and listen to the CD again to find the deeper meaning.

Unfortunately SoundCloud has really started to put the hammer down on copyrighted material so I was unable to upload it. You can click [here] to listen(but I really mean DOWNLOAD) some (I mean all) songs.


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2 Responses to Watch the Throne – Two Legends of Hip-Hop Collaborate

  1. Nathan says:

    Yeah I agree 100% I mean not only Jay-Z and Kanye, but along with many others before them who started and brought them into the game… Busta rhymas, Nas, P.diddy, pac, biggie, the fat boys, run DMC and the list continues. But ALL of these great sensations that lead hip hop into what we know today (Which quite franquely I am disturbed to say that hip hop/rap isn’t the same on how it once was), have on more than one occassions stated their fame, glory and riches. But you have to understand that its not the fact that they are trying to brag, but you have to look at where all of these men come from, compton, harlem, brookyln etc… So now they want you to understand the hardships they have been through and what they have now worked so hard to achieve and that its possible for anyone just as long as you step up and put in a little determination and hardwork. In every word, hook, punch line and chorus in their song all have some meaning or another, otherwise they would be completely hypocritcal towards themself since Jay-z, Kanye and all the other big known “oldschool” hip hop artists have stated that hip hop is not how it once was and is a complete joke now, (In most cases) it is all commercialized music.

    But Im going to stop my opinion piece here and just one last time say I agree completely with Calum and his views and to most deifnitely go out buy/download whichever you prefer, all the songs from Jay-z and Kanye and give it a good listen.

    -Nathan Dunn

    • Yeah, you definitely hit the nail on the head with that opinion piece. I forget to mention in my original review that the CD is also about Jay-Z & Kanye grappling with what it means to be successful and black in a nation that still thinks of them as second class. Hip-Hop/Rap has most definitely changed throughout the years, and will continue to change, but it’s good to see that some artists still care about where they’re from and also issues that are happening in today’s society. It’s one thing to ‘rep’ your city/town/state etc… but it’s another thing to want change to happen in your hometown, like Kanye clearly displays throughout this CD.

      Thanks for the comment, Nathan, appreciate the feedback and your opinion.
      Spread the word and share the link around!

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