Variety is a site dedicated to bringing you a vast variety of news, reviews and previews from todays media. From the lastest sports news, to the newest movie reviews and the freshest CD/song releases, we cover it all.


No genre of music is off limits. We’ll cover anything and everything that catches our attention. From the newest Kanye West song, to the brand new Tim McGraw CD, we’ll have it covered.


We’ll have all of the latest and greatest news of the sports world, with basketball, hockey and football being the main focus. Scott (@Scott1Hastie), being an avid basketball fan and player, will be covering all of the basketball news you could ever need. Calum (@CalumStewart), a hockey player since the prime age of 3, will bring you all of your hockey news. When it comes to football news, Scott and Calum will collaborate and make sure you get what you want.

Video Games

All of the latest news about your favourite games will be here on Variety. All of which will be mostly console (XBOX 360, PS3) based games, but with the occasional PC/MAC game thrown in there.


Interested in seeing a movie, but you don’t want to waste your money on it only to find out it’s a terrible movie? Don’t worry, we’ll do that for you. Although movie reviews will be less frequent, when we do them we will do them to the fullest extent. An in-depth analysis of the movie will help you from making the wrong choice, or help you make the right one!

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